Útiseta: Or, How I Gave Up the Grail Quest After Freyr Laughed at Me

Sacred Iceland

When I first considered coming to Iceland to study a few years ago, my mind was in a very different place than it is today. At that time, I was very invested in what I now call the “True Heathenry Grail Quest”. In other words, doing as much research as I possibly could in order to get to the root of authentic Heathen practice, and constructing my practice to look like how it was in antiquity in order to make it more “authentic”.  I have seen more than one person on this Grail Quest before, which is why I decided to share this personal (and somewhat embarrassing) story with you. After a somewhat botched spiritual experiment in 2012, my beliefs about “true” Heathenry and what that actually means changed drastically.

Since I began walking this path so long ago, it has been a great point of sadness for me (as I’m…

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