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Paola Suarez Matryoshka Goddess Spiral

“The cell you came from was once inside of your mother’s fetus in her mother’s womb…

Want to calculate the vintage of the egg you came from? Take your mother’s date of birth and subtract about 20 weeks.

That’s true because unlike males, who constantly generate sperm after they hit puberty, girls are born with their one and only lifetime supply of eggs. Around the 20th week of gestation, a female fetus has developed a reproductive system, including 6 to 7 million eggs in her ovaries.

The matrilineal line looks much like a nested Russian doll. The egg that created you was formed inside of your mother’s fetus while she was inside of your grandmother’s womb.”
-quote from the Genedoe blog post.

How does this sit with you? I felt shivers down my spine as the image for this post was created- “Paola Suarez Matryoshka“. How would your…

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