The Autumn of the Goddess.

So it’s the Autumnal Equinox

I had loved my falls in Wisconsin. Leaves change brilliant colors . The air had a crispness that only comes from living in the north. I have none of these fond memories circling me today!

No, this is a time of reckoning. Yes there is always a celebration. No matter what. We must not kid ourselves or rewrite our ancestry. In good years of planting and plenty, decisions were easy. In those not so good years, very tough decisions were made. How much could be used for food. And how much seed must be saved until the next growing season. Reducing the food by even more.

Harvests are not always bountiful. They remind us that the earth doesn’t have unlimited growth. The physical world in which we are inextricably linked begs us to know the difference between spiritual abundance and physical abundance.

In the days of very long ago, after this celebration, there are many stories. Members of the tribe would step forward and volunteer to not eat regularly and even starve if necessary. It often was women with no children, those who were sick, and warriors who had severe battle injuries. They did this to keep strong their tribe. They did this because if enough did not volunteer the elders would decide. There are accounts of the final decision to be left to the “grandmothers”. Women one full generation from the young. Yet, women who knew intimately about the power of life and death. And because they knew about the power of life and death ,they were considered to hold within their very beings the greatest mysteries of both. And the best decision makers of this critical matter.

The Goddess is not all light, abundance or unlimited growth. She has always had a hunter, a warrior, a protector, a hag, a death, a destroyer, aspect. She is not duality. She is complexity beyond our imaginations. And she knows about letting the growth of summer give way to fall. So that we can within ourselves also leave the the landscape to go fallow and allow the unseen forces deep within to begin to do there organic work.

So on this equinox you may not feel all joy. You may remember those who came before you. You may have hard choices to make. It is in your blood to do so. She encompasses all.

She Who Is Known By A Thousand Names, Yet None.

She Who Is…a blog written by, Bridget Robertson @wemarriage.


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