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Thank you for creating a women’s only space!

open-source goddess worship

I created this blog separate from my tumblr because I find the tumblr system to be too casual, too easily corrupted by abusive people, and to have too short a collective attention span.

my purpose with this blog is to explore goddess worship from a lesbian-feminist and radical-feminist perspective.

I have seen many of my feminist cohorts lured into Wicca or Wicca-esque religions and practices, and it upsets me. these and other pagan religions are patriarchal in nature. they are patriarchal in structure. they do not exist for the benefit of the women who come to them. they subjugate their goddess/es and call that subjugation “egalitarian.” they exploit everyone’s ignorance of world history by lying about their own origins and development, but in the end this exploitation harms the women in their ranks worst of all.

radical feminists, lesbian or not, deserve more than the whittled-down leavings of charlatans like…

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