Blodeuwedd True Story

They try to tell a story about me.

“…They created a wife for Lleu Llaw Gyffes out of flowers and gave her the name Blodeuwedd, meaning ‘Flower Face’. Blodeuwedd was beautiful and innocent; immediately Lleu fell in love with her and the two were married.| Not long after the marriage, Lleu had to go and meet his uncles, and left Blodeuwedd alone in their castle at Tomen y Mur. As she became bored and lonely, she suddenly heard sounds nearby and looking from her castle, she saw a hunting party approaching the castle. The leader of the party was Gronw Pebyr, the lord of nearby Penllyn. He told Blodeuwedd that his party was looking for somewhere to stay and Blodeuwedd did not hesitate to let them inside the castle. Almost immediately she fell in love with Gronw Pebyr and the two began an affair….”

They claim that I am the embodiment of betrayal.

I was a GIRL, a maiden. It was patriarchy that “MADE” me out of flowers. They believed that they could “MAKE” me into a bride. Something fresh, designed for a specific man. Why were they surprised when I made my OWN choice? The choice should have been my own from the beginning.

My story is not about me betraying a man. It is the story of patriarchy’s downfall. I beat them. One of them turned me into an owl. I flew furiously to the Cailleach. HA!! In her wise arms I was both reborn and released. She knows that flower seeds must be planted in the darkest womb of the earth, cradled and soothed. When she hands her torch to Brighid, who also rests in the earth until early spring, only then, do I start to germinate and eventually burst forth into this world. I flower in all of the wild places. I do it because I was BORN, not made. Born to flower into fullness of womanhood and eventually reseed back to the Cailleach. I happily choose to be both her owl and the wild seed. Females, as it turns out, can be more than one being at a time. I’ll say it again. I am not “made”! I am born!! In fact I am Goddess – Woman born!

I call to all women, all girls to take on this thing, this system called patriarchy. When they try to “make” you into anything but yourself…go to the Crone. When they force, compel or coerce you into anything at all…the Crone is waiting for you. They will lie about Her. She is not evil. She knows how to let someone die. She knows how to let things die off. She will teach you how to let things die and then…then…She will take all, who let Her, into the Great Womb of Birthing and ReBirthing.

In this world of rape, coercion, child brides and femicide, remember me. Every time someone try’s to take a girl or woman’s dreams, hopes and choices, remember me. I betrayed no one. They betrayed me. They forced me. I fought back. That’s WHO I AM !

I am Blodeuwedd.

By Bridget Robertson



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