(Essay 1) The Old Sow by Hearth Moon Rising

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Ahhh the lovely pig. Discriminating in taste, amiable in temperament, intelligent, affectionate, adaptable. The fertile mother surrounded by her hungry brood. The corpulent body of plenty. The bon vivant relishing her bath of clean cool mud. Little wonder the Sow Goddess was so revered in ancient times. From Egypt to Northern Europe, wherever there were forests or fields, wherever people hunted or grew grain, the sow held a central place in myth and worship. Yet even before Christianity maligned the pig (unfairly) as the epitome of greed, ignorance and filth, the Old Sow was beginning her popular decline. Not even the resurgent Goddess movement has been enough to restore the porcine beauty to her place of honor.

Photo Scott Bauer Photo Scott Bauer

The prolific breeding of the pig’s wild boar cousin (half a dozen piglets or more), her rapid growth, and her habit of feeding on carrion make her an embodiment of…

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