(Art) Primal Feminine Essence by Jassy Watson

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Women have a natural born intuition, a sensing, a deep knowing that we have largely been disconnected from and we are seeking ways to get back in touch with our primal feminine core. Our primal nature is embedded in the code of our DNA, it is our life force, the root of our being and by re-connecting and awakening our primal womb energy, we can begin to discover the common link that binds all women, past, present future. We can also gain insight as to our true nature and to our truth and purpose upon this earth, which can lead us to remember the source of ourselves, and all that surrounds us. For me, painting is a direct tool that can be used to access this part of ourself – our innermost soul; the core of our being. The painting shown here was done as part of my ‘Primal Feminine Essence’ workshops that…

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