Winter-Spring EarthGaian Wisdom: Invoking the Power of Brigid, the Mother Creator by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

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In the Southern Hemisphere we have just passed the Earth holy-day of Winter Solstice, which was in late June; and are moving into Early Spring which may be marked and celebrated in early August, as the cross-quarter Moment traditionally named Imbolc.

Winter Solstice is the Seasonal Moment of the year when Earth’s tilt leans that hemisphere furthest away from the Sun – when the dark part of the day is at its longest in that place. The stories of Old tell of the Great Mother giving birth to the Divine Child on this night, as henceforth Sun’s light and warmth begin to return to that place, and the ongoing creativity of Earth seems assured. This Earth holy-day was adapted by Christianity as the time to celebrate the birth of its Divine Child: but “the Divine Child” of more ancient Earth-based religious practice seems to have been understood as renewed Being…

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