‘En-trancing Gaia’s Womb through Seasonal Ceremony: Re-creating Her Sacred Site’ by Glenys Livingstone Ph.D.

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In the earliest of Her stories, Gaia – also known as “Ge”, meaning Earth – was the possessor of the oracle in Delphi, the place at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece, that was said to be the font of sacred knowledge, the navel of the world – the Omphalos of Greek tradition. It was Gaia’s Wisdom that was being listened for, and continued to be, even though the names of its ruling deities changed. Earth – Ge, Gaia – was understood as the “primeval prophetess.”[1] To listen to Her one could sleep “in a holy shrine” with an ear upon the ground [2] (and it is interesting how that expression “keep your ear to the ground” survives, to speak of how one might really know). Her priestesses often sat on a tripod over vapours arising from a crevice: a tripod perhaps because of the holy…

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