Meet Mago Contributor, Bridget Robertson

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Bridget Robertson Bridget Robertson is a Goddessian who is a feminist activist for women, girls, the environment and animals. She is a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner who has been practicing shamanism since the late seventies, meeting the Goddess early on during a journey. She stands firmly on the ground of direct experience.  In the past she lead moon lodges and women’s circles to honor the cycles and rhythms in women and the Earth. Now she is a storyteller of her direct experiences, hoping that they touch others to join in and celebrate all the faces of the Goddess.  Loves sisterhood and believes it to be a key element to bring the Goddess fully back into the world. In her spare time she is a bibliophile, who loves music and laughter to fill her home.

We, the co-editors, contributors, and advisers, have started the Mago Web (Cross-cultural Goddess Web) to rekindle old…

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