It’s a New Year…What’s your Social Justice Resolution/Revolution? by Marie Cartier

I also worry about hungry children. Marie Cartier just states it so beautifully….

This year I want to resolve to help more and worry less.

This is the number one thing I worry about most right now:

Children and hunger.

Right now in the United States approximately 20-30% of children go to bed hungry. Twenty percent or more of the child population in 37 states and D.C. live in what are called “food insecure households.” New Mexico (30.6%) and the District of Columbia (30.0%) have the highest rates where children live without consistent access to food.

How often do we say “I’m starving?” What we mean is we are hungry. It’s true some of us don’t take care of ourselves all that well and maybe we realize—God,  it’s dinner time and I didn’t eat all day—I need to resolve to eat better throughout the day. I totally agree with that resolution.

At the same time—we are not starving. I’m going out on a…

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