Goddess Mary with child

Goddess Spiral Health Coaching

Mary Goddess with child Paola Suarez smGoddess Mary with child– creation of my latest Goddess art piece has been a lesson in letting go. I let go my need for perfectionism. I let go distinguishing my art as doodles and then “real art”. Let me share how Goddess Mary with child started…

Goddess Mary with child original sketch Paola Suarez

She started as a sketch I drew in the inside of the holiday card I am sending to my therapist of 10 years who is a lover of Mary. Though I no longer need to see her I still keep in touch and proudly tell her of how far I’ve come. My therapist saw me go from a frightened, ball of pain girl-child in her early 20s to a confident, healthy and happy women in her 30s. We both worked so hard in my journey. I love to honor our work together by always including a Goddess Mary drawing in my correspondence with her.

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