Open Your Heart to Open the Door

Rebecca Mott

I have to play the Blues, play deep soul, play the music of the heart that has lost words to come close to what I need to write in this post.

It is a post about opening the door to indoors prostitution, open the door to who I had to be to be that “whore” who was in endless rooms with endless beds.

I was inside a world where language is stolen, a world that is upside-down and inside-out.

It was a world where all that humans have decided is wrong is made out to be right but good and the only way to exist.

The world of indoors prostitution is a world where pain, confusion, lies, lack of control and lost of humanity are the rules to live by –  that is blood and breath of  the prostitute woman/girls in that environment.

In order to understand the reality of…

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