Who Am I Under Oppression? By Deanne Quarrie

Deanne QuarrieIn a class I am taking we were asked to journal with these questions: Ask yourself who are you in the inner voice that does not speak in the world around you or which you have worked tirelessly to bring into fruition in your life. Who are you that has felt suppressed and suffocated?

I sometimes think that I do not know who I am anymore.  Life teaches us that it is those outside of ourselves who determine our value to society.  We are given love and support (if we are lucky) by our parents as children.  Our value is determined by how much time and attention they give us.  If we get a lot, we grow up confident in ourselves trusting our way through life. When we attend school our value is determined by the effort we put into our studies, the grades we receive and the extracurricular activities…

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