The silly story my Goddess self wanted to tell

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A part of Goddess work is honoring your imagination and time to be silly. I did not do that two weeks ago. I forced myself to be serious. I told myself I had to make a serious story post for my SageWoman blog. Instead of listening to my inner girl, I forced her into a corner which lead to a total writer’s block. How did I break it? By playing a silly game! My partner and I celebrated our anniversary by playing a storytelling game. With no expectations of being serious or publishing what I shared, my imagination was let loose!


The following story is the one my Goddess self actually wanted to tell instead of the one I was felt needed to be told. Hope you enjoy it sisters!

Read “The silly story my Goddess self wanted to tell” at my SageWoman blog: http://witchesandpagans.com/SageWoman-Blogs/the-silly-story-my-goddess-self-wanted-to-tell.html

Feel free to…

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