Power of Pleasure

Goddess Spiral Health Coaching

Spiral Seed Goddess Spiral Paola Suarez“Lately I have been including self-pleasure as an important part of my spiritual practice. It’s clear to me that society is very much afraid of me, a woman, who enjoys sex and pleasure…”

This is how I started my Full Moon Share that was sent out today (read the rest via my Full Moon Share Archives). There’s a growing surge within the Goddess and Women’s empowerment movements towards manifesting the power of pleasure. Recently I read a Huffpost article about the power of pleasure and these paragraphs really resonated for me…

“Dr. Gottfried says that the number one way to bring hormones into balance and to calm down cortisol surges is “toe curling” orgasms. And you can experience these with self pleasuring as well as with a partner. According to Dr. Gottfried, the adrenal glands that produce cortisol actually respond to brain messages originating from the heart, which is well…

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