What might it be to be more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth?

A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health

*This is in speaking to comments from Suni Pele Nelson, who responded to my earlier blog post, i.e., “Is it possible that a ‘WAY’ deep, loving, altruistic spirit of TRUE APPRECIATION (I’m ‘talkin’ the real deal’ here!) could be THE ‘magic elixir’ in realizing substantive health and healing, i.e., emotionally, physically, and spiritually?” – from Oct. 17, 2013

From Suni: “Hi Glen, certainly a positive statement to health. What seems true to me is that connection to life force/source energy is imperative to have the energy flow within our physical & subtle bodies to restore health; thus communication stream is at one with consciousness of nature, planet, cosmos. Positive thoughts & love from heart seem to be a part of that as you state. What do you think? Deep down, I know we all have the capability of healing ourselves of discordant information, separation which will be revealed soon enough…

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