Don’t Rush into Premature Forgiveness

Womb Of Light

%22All-embracing%22 - Artist - Heidi Vaught -

We have to accept the legitimacy of our pain before it can be fully transformed.

In order for forgiveness to be authentic, we have to acknowledge the reality of the transgression that occurred and the legitimacy of our resultant anger.  Depending on the level of conflict, it can take a while. We give away our power when we dismiss the intensity of our anger or don’t take the time to really unpack what is beneath it.

Forgiveness of self and other is the ultimate liberator–but only if it is  the byproduct of an authentic transformation. 

It can’t really be faked. You can tell by listening to your body–there will still be a tension, even if your mind is saying “I forgive.”

Authentic forgiveness is the end result of a process, not a knee-jerk response because someone apologizes and says ‘I’m Sorry.” It’s common for women to feel pressure to forgive out…

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