A family who gets blessed together

Great way to use art.

Goddess Spiral Health Coaching


This past Saturday was full of family blessings. First were two sisters who were fascinated by my paintings. They kept coming around to see what I was painting on myself and trying to get the courage to get their own. When I went to paint them they both wanted pink and blue cats. This was just the beginning of the cuteness in store for me that day.

watercolor-blessing-goddess-spiral-090713eNext I had Stephen and Nancy with their grandsons. Stephen was the first to be blessed with a butterfly on his face. I felt so honored to create this blessing that obviously meant so much to him. We talked about butterflies as symbols of the soul and rebirth. He also shared about him trying yoga for the first time. How healing that was already proving to be in such a short time.

watercolor-blessing-goddess-spiral-090713fNext I painted the grandsons who picked a cat and a dog…

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